Your language learning journal

A notebook open with coloured pens on one page. Lots of coloured writing on both pages.

Your language learning journal

Tip 6 is to make the most out of your language learning journal. In Tip 1 we discussed writing your goals and plans in a notebook and in tip 2 we discussed finding and writing down your learning style.

How best can you use this notebook to help you learn a language? It’s easy, turn this simple notebook into a language learning journal. This is separate from a notebook you jot down things in lessons. This is a work in progress to help your language learning and is constantly evolving.

You can use your journal to learn word families, like in the picture above. If there are similar words you find keep cropping up in your language learning, but they mean something different, write them down with some examples of how to use them in sentences.

If there are words that you can’t seem to remember, no matter how many times you have seen them (they always seem to be a few words like this) then write them down and add pictures and descriptions, use colour, to try and create a hook in your brain so you can remember them. Write sentences with the word that are meaningful for you, anything to help you remember.

Create word lists in your journal, of words that you would like to learn that week. Make it a habit to read your journal everyday.

There are always things that we don’t understand in a language. Ask your language teacher for an explanation and then write this in your journal so you won’t forget it.

Cut out pictures from magazines and stick them into your journal. Label the pictures with the words from your target language. Make your journal something that you would like to look at.

Two pages of an A4 notebook. On one page there is a Banksy drawing of a girl with a balloon and words in German around her. On the other page there are pictures of a thunderstorm, a Rubik's cube made from ice, rescue workers with a boat during a flood and a frozen fountain.

Do you have a language learning journal? How do you use yours?

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