Find your learning style

Find your learning style

Day 2 of our New Year Tips on keeping language learning resolution.

How do you like to learn? Grab your language learning notepad and make some notes about how you like to learn.

Think about how you learn something new for work or pleasure. Can you read something once and instantly remember it? Do you need to repeat the topic multiple times? Do you find using pictures helps you to learn? Is learning best by listening to CDs, podcasts, lessons etc? Can you pick up a textbook and work through it every week? Do you need the structure of a lessons and the camaraderie of other students to help with motivation? Do you like using technology to learn? Think about habits in your life and what motivates you do do them?

The idea about creating a learning habit is to do something that you like and what works for you, otherwise it’s very hard to continue long term. Long term learning is how you make progress.

A learning plan could be:

I learn best with others, so I need a class to learn French. I also struggle to remember vocabulary so I will make flashcards and carry them in my bag or put them on my phone so I can practise them when I get a spare minute. I find pictures helps me to learn to I will use these on my notes and on my flashcards. I like technology as it prompts me to learn so I will find an app to help.

What’s your learning style and how do you adapt your language learning to this?

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