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Your language learning journal

Tip 6 is to make the most out of your language learning journal. In Tip 1 we discussed writing your goals and plans in a notebook and in tip 2 we discussed finding and writing down your learning style. How best can you use this notebook to help you learn a language? It’s easy, turn […]

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Find your learning style

Day 2 of our New Year Tips on keeping language learning resolution. How do you like to learn? Grab your language learning notepad and make some notes about how you like to learn. Think about how you learn something new for work or pleasure. Can you read something once and instantly remember it? Do you […]

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Taboo is a great game to help increase your communication skills in a foreign language. The main idea is people have to guess a word eg ‘bones’ but the person explaining the word can not mention the ‘Taboo’ words such as break, skeleton, broken, dog or bones. Sets of Taboo are available freely online, in […]

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