Finding languages in unexpected places

Finding languages in unexpected places

Languages are everywhere, you just have to spot them.

Trying to incorporate language learning into everyday life can be difficult. Out of your weekly language lesson, when do you get time to practise your language skills? I found some easy reading practise on the back of individually wrapped tea bags. As with lots of different types of packaging, they have different languages on the back. Here we have English, German and French.

“A dreamy blend of oatflower, lavender and limeflower.”

“Gute-Nacht-Geschichte mit Häferblütenspitze, Lavandel und Lindenblüte.”

“Un lit de rêve fait de fleurs d’avoine de lavande et de tilleul.”

What I liked about it is that if you know either of French or German, it’s not a direct translation of the English version. So it’s a good exercise to see how the sentence in written to give you a better feel of the target language. It’s also nice to find out the names of flowers, and in other teas, spices, which may or may not be similar to the English language versions.

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