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Happy Birthday Discovery Languages!

The business is 2 years old! We want to thank all our past and present students, tutors and supporters. We could not have done it without you!

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5 things I’ve learned since starting my language school at the start of a global pandemic.

The people are the most important part. Tutors, students, business advisors, friends, family, supporters, likers on Facebook. It doesn’t work without them. Getting good business advice is crucial. We had help from Business Gateway in Dundee and we joined the Dundee Chamber of Commerce early on. They have both offered invaluable advice and useful business […]

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Learning the imperative

Recipes are a good way to learn the imperative or orders in a language. The imperative is often used speaking to children “Go to bed now!” or in military situations with a command structure, “Quick march!”. In English the imperative isn’t commonly used in friendly informal circumstances, but this can be different with other languages. […]

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