Can watching DVDs improve your language skills?

The back of a DVD which contains the information about different languages for audio and subtitles

Can watching DVDs improve your language skills?

The short answer is yes. Lots of people still have DVDs and our Tip 5 to shows how they can help you improve your language skills.

The image above is from the back of a DVD. The audio is available in 3 languages, English, French and German. Subtitles are available in 11 languages.

To improve your listening and reading skills, put the audio and subtitles to your target language. As you will have seen the DVD before, you know the story. Listen to the audio and follow with the subtitles. It’s amazing how much your vocabulary will improve if you do this regularly. Jot down the words that you hear regularly in your language notebook. This is especially useful if you like a type of films for example crime dramas. The same language will come up again and again.

For an even bigger challenge, take away the subtitles and solely focus on the audio.

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