Utilise technology for language learning

A phone to show the front page of a Duolingo language learning app. There are some circles coloured in gold and others grey.

Utilise technology for language learning

Day 3 of our New Year Tips for language learning is technology.

I wrote The duolingo language learning app review about my experiences with it. I find it hard to make habits but I have been using the app consistently for 10 months. Duolingo is not a one stop shop but I am using the app to fill in gaps of things that I should know, and things that I find difficult. These include learning the three genders for nouns in German which is done via repetition of different sentences. I have also practised some of the areas of German grammar that I struggle with. My writing in German is getting much better and I am able to write more accurately than I was a year ago, which is nice to see I’m making progress. I like the reminders to study and the ability to do 5 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on how I feel. When I have questions, I screenshot Duolingo and ask my German teacher. There are other technologies like this such as Babbel available.

What technologies to you use to help your language learning habit?

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