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Taboo is a great game to help increase your communication skills in a foreign language. The main idea is people have to guess a word eg ‘bones’ but the person explaining the word can not mention the ‘Taboo’ words such as break, skeleton, broken, dog or bones. Sets of Taboo are available freely online, in […]

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A student gave me a copy of this poem, written during the 1940s. It is a truly wonderful thing to see the foibles and curiosities of the English language laid out like this. Enjoy-but ignore the last line of the poem if you are an English learner! Thanks to RP. “This PHONETIC LABYRINTH”The following was […]

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Vocabulary lists for language learning

What is your goal for learning a language? Do you want to read foreign language books or watch foreign language programs without your native language subtitles? Often lots of the same words for certain genres come up again and again. If you pre-teach yourself some of the vocabulary then you will increase your understanding and […]

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